Formulation Ideas

Be inspired by the latest formulations created by our lab team. 

Looking for something in particular? Filter by functionality and market, or just browse the full range of amazing textures created using our innovative ingredients.

A pink gel on a pink background

UV Hair Serum

Lightweight serum that adds protection for your hair against the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Light orange gel on an orange background

Tropical Cleanser

An intensely foaming facial cleanser to remove makeup and excess sebum without stripping the skin.

Serum in a dropper on a blue background

Detoxifying Scalp Serum

Cleansing drops that freshen the scalp and remove oil from the hair. Apply before shampooing.

Oil bottle surrounded by avocados and leaves

Soothing Bath Oil

Luxurious bath oil that turns water to milk, nourishing the skin on contact.

Light blue cream

Calming Body Lotion

A lightweight moisturising lotion, the gentle touch of the lotion melts into your skin.

Pink gin and tonic with strawberries in it

Pink G&T Toner

This toner is designed to gently cleanse skin leaving it fresh, hydrated and glowy.

Mojito on a table with limes with a beach in the background

Mojito Lip Scrub

The perfect exfoliating lip scrub for removing dry and flaky skin.

White cream on a pink background

Cold Process Emulsion

A simple cream base with a light and silky touch and refreshing white tea fragrance.

Pale green gel on a green background

AHA Body and Facial Gel

A light weight gel with a natural AHA source to give a smoother, brighter and even skin complexion

White serum on a blue background

Glow Serum

A fluid yet rich emulsion to bring out the natural glow of skin.

Light pink serum on a peach background

Hyaluronic Facial Serum

Apply by smoothing the light texture over the skin - it will absorb quickly leaving skin soft

Brown oil in a jar on a table

Shimmering Body Oil

This gel-to-oil leaves skin nourished and shimmering without any greasy after feel.

Pale orange cream on a beige background

SPF 15 Day Cream

A rich gel cream to hydrate, smooth and protect. It smooths wrinkles and blurs pores

Golden balm spread on a beige background

SPF 30 Shimmer Balm

This rich SPF balm provides protection and nourishment leaving skin with a subtle summery glow.

Pale yellow serum on a white background

Vitamin C Serum

Deliver a burst of Vitamin C in one drop with this light refreshing serum.

Pink cream in a jar on a white background

Body Yoghurt

This refreshing Body Yoghurt is designed to soothe, hydrate and moisturise the skin.

Oil bottle next to a basket of limes

Scalp Massage Oil

Reduce dryness and frizz with this hydrating and nourishing scalp oil.

Green oil on a white background

Hemp Hair Oil

Use as a pre-treatment to rejuvenate both the hair and scalp.

Thick white cream

Coconut Body Butter

A rich body butter packed with nourishing butters and oils to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

Honey coloured gel being poured over a white background

Bath Honey-to-Milk

A rich, moisturising bath oil that transforms from a gorgeous honey-like texture to milk

Water droplets on a light blue background

Micellar Cleansing Oil

A light micellar cleansing oil that removes make up and rinses away, leaving the face moisturised.

Orange oil on a white background

Miracle Hair Oil

This post-shampoo conditioning treatment gives the hair a smooth finish and rinses easily.

Pale red gel on a pink background

Goji Berry Cleanser

A gel-to-foam cleanser that gently removes make up and leaves skin feeling cleansed

Water droplets on a blue background

Pore Minimiser

A lightweight gel designed to moisturise the skin and minimise pores.

2 solid white bars on a wooden plate, in front of a plant

Solid Cleanser

A gentle cleansing bar designed to remove dirt and make up.

Black gel mask on a white background

Charcoal Mask

Containing absorbent charcoal, this mask detoxifies and cleanses.

Light pink balm on a white background

Rose Lip Mask

This long-lasting balm delivers soothing hydration whilst reducing flakiness.