Pale orange cream on a beige background

SPF 15 Day Cream

A rich gel cream to hydrate, smooth and protect. It smooths wrinkles and blurs pores to give skin a long-lasting matt appearance.

This rich hydrating gel cream smooths wrinkles and blurs pores to give skin a long-lasting matt appearance - perfect for hot summer days.

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Pale peach cream.




Spindle 05 @ 10 RPM: 20,000-40,000 cP (Model: Brookfield DV-E. Sample temperature: 20°C (±5 °C). Fill size:100g)


  • PEG Free
  • Vegan


Phase Aw/w%
Escalol 5173%
Escalol 5977.5%
Neo Heliopan® OS4.5%
Abyssinian Oil1%
Melscreen® Buriti FG1%
Glyceryl Stearate2.5%
Mango Butter2%
Phase Bw/w%
White cream on a white background


Natural powder blend of emulsifiers, stabilisers and texture modifiers to make Oil-in-Gel Emulsions

Phase Cw/w%
Liquid being dropped from a dropper on a light blue background

Hydratagel G

Ready to use Hyaluronic Acid

Phase Dw/w%
Tropical Nectar Fragrance P0.5%
Tropical Fruits Harvest™ AF1%


  1. Heat phase A until completely melted.

  2. Premix Instathix® into phase A by hand.

  3. Heat water to 70°C, then add phase C to phase A/B and stir until homogeneous.

  4. Heat to 70°C and maintain temperature for 10 minutes.

  5. Homogenise for 3 minutes at 3500-5500 RPM.

  6. Cool under mixing, add phase D when temperature is below 40°C.

The formulation above is intended for information purposes only based on the best of our knowledge. It is the responsibility of the customer to undertake the appropriate testing to determine the suitability of the product for their intended use.