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Collagen-Lipid Bio-Surfactant Complex to strengthen and moisturise skin & hair

Sucragel® CF

All-purpose oil gelling agent, perfect for cosmetic formulations

Sucragel® XL

An easy to use, 100% natural origin oil thickening agent

Sucrabase C

100% natural origin, ready-to-use transparent oily gel base using CCT

Micromulse® LB

100% natural origin blend for transparent oil-to-milk liquid Micellar Oils

Sucraclear V2

Water gelling agent that delivers transparent thickening with a luxurious texture

Sucrabase SF

100% natural origin, ready-to-use transparent oily gel base derived from sunflower oil


Natural powder blend of emulsifiers, stabilisers and texture modifiers to make Oil-in-Gel Emulsions

Sucrabase SF BIO

Organically certified, ready-to-use transparent oily gel base derived from sunflower oil

Sucragel® AOF

Creates thick, rich gels for vegetable oil based cosmetic formulations

Sucragel® AOF BIO

Organically certified oil gelling agent and emulsifier for vegetable oil based formulations.

Sucrablend SP V2

100% natural-origin and COSMOS approved temperature stability additive.

Sapogel® Q

100% natural origin and palm-free oil gelling agent for balm textures

HIPEgel® Oleo

An emulsifier that creates high oil HIPEs (High Internal Phase Emulsions)

Clearthix® S

A natural viscosity modifier for water based systems

Sucragel® AP V2

A simple, versatile and cost effective emulsifier and oil gelling solution for any type of oil.


100% natural water thickener which makes transparent, rich, smooth gels with suspending properties.

Micromulse® Foam

A 100% natural origin surfactant blend for transforming oil-to-foam textures

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Where can I buy products from Alchemy Ingredients?

We export our range of functional ingredients across the world through a trusted network of distributors.  Find your nearest distributor here.

Where can I learn about your latest products?

Visit our News page to find out about our new launches, or follow us on Linkedin to hear about what is new or coming soon. 

I want to use more than 20% of oil, how can I do this?

Instathix® on its own will allow approximately 15% of oil to be emulsified, so you will need to add some extra stabilisers. Glyceryl Stearate or Cetyl/Cetearyl Alcohol is ideal for this, at a combined level of about 7% maximum.