White cream spread on a white background

Co-Wash Pudding

3 in 1 cleansing, nourishing and moisturising pudding.

Designed particularly with curly hair in mind, this gentle co-wash will not only cleanse the hair, but nourish and moisturise it too. Suitable for more frequent, or in-between washes, it leaves hair feeling fresh, soft and manageable with a light fragrant scent.

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5 to 7


Spindle 04 @ 5RPM: 10,000 – 20,000cp (Model: Brookfield DV-E)


  • PEG Free
  • Vegan


Phase Aw/w%
Droplet and ripple in a white liquid

Sucrathix VX

A natural rheology modifier for water.

Phase Bw/w%
Clear gel on an off-white background

Sucragel® AP V2

A simple, versatile and cost effective emulsifier and oil gelling solution for any type of oil.

White cream on a beige background

Sucrablend SP V2

100% natural-origin and COSMOS approved temperature stability additive.

Phase Cw/w%
Cetiol C5C15%
Jamaican Black Castor Oil1%
Phase Dw/w%
Kera plant NPNF0.7%
Shea and Coco Fragrance0.7%
Euxyl® PE90101%
TEGO® Betaine F 507.5%
Caramel 50%0.05%


  1. Mix phase A, heat to 70oC and homogenise until uniform.

  2. Mix the components of phase B in a beaker then heat to 70°C.

  3. Combine phase C then slowly add to phase B on the overhead mixer until a gel is formed.

  4. Add phase A to phase B/C on the overhead mixer then homogenise until uniform.

  5. Put back on the overhead mixer until the mixture has cooled to below 40°C, then add phase D.

The formulation above is intended for information purposes only based on the best of our knowledge. It is the responsibility of the customer to undertake the appropriate testing to determine the suitability of the product for their intended use.