Sucrablend SP V2

Sucrose Stearate, Sucrose Palmitate
White cream on a beige background

Sucrablend SP V2 is an ingredient used in conjunction with Sucragel® to improve the high temperature stability of oily gels.

It can also be used as a general natural, COSMOS approved emulsifier, which can be used on its own to create thick, luxurious emulsions. Easy to use and concentrated, this versatile product is mild, safe and moisturising to skin.

Sucrablend SP V2 Accreditations

Cosmos approved logo
Natrue approved logo
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RSPO Mixed logo with the license number 9-2260-17-100-00

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How to use

How to use Sucrablend with Sucragel®

Questions & answers

I am making an oily gel with Sucragel® and Sucrablend which I have to heat for the Sucrablend to dissolve. Do I also need to heat the oil phase?

Unless you have any solid ingredients in the oil phase, this phase can remain cold even if the Sucragel® phase is heated.

Technical Documents

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