Aqua, Sodium Cocoyl Collagen Amino Acids, Glycolipids
Foam on a light green background

A 100% naturally derived bio-surfactant blend that can be used to boost foam and increase moisturisation of surfactant based products such as facial wash, shampoo, body wash and micellar water. 

This mild, yet effective ingredient creates a soft, creamy foam that acts as an effective cleanser - gently removing even waterproof make up without stripping the skin. 

Based on a bio-surfactant (sophorolipid) and a vegan collagen-based surfactant, Sophocoll® provides moisturisation and repair to skin and hair.

  • COSMOS approved
  • 100% natural origin
  • Globally approved
  • A nutrient based surfactant system
  • Can be used on its own or combined with other surfactants
  • Easy to use liquid blend
  • Mild formulation - suitable for sensitive skin products
  • Cold process 
  • Vegan

Sophocoll® Accreditations

Vegan Society Logo
Cosmos approved logo
RSPO Mixed logo with the license number 9-2260-17-100-00

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Questions & answers

Is Sophocoll® mild?

Yes, Sophocoll® is classified as a mild surfactant.

Does Sophocoll® foam itself?

Yes, Sophocoll® is a very effective foaming and cleaning agent itself.

How can I thicken a formulation using Sophocoll®?

Sophocoll® can be added to salt thickened formulations without affecting the viscosity. If salt is not used then a suitable thickener such as Sclerothix® can be used.

Is Sophocoll® a sustainable raw material?

The feedstocks used in Sophocoll® are all renewable and biodgradable. In addition, the method used to manufacture Sophocoll® is a cold process, and raw materials are sourced locally.

Does Sophocoll® contain any preservatives?

No, it is not needed due to the high pH.

Technical Documents

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