HIPEgel® Oleo

Glycerin, Isopropyl Palmitate, Aqua, Sucrose Stearate, Sucrose Laurate
Transparent lilac gel

HIPEgel® Oleo enables the formulator to make high oil HIPEs (High Internal Phase Emulsions) easily, at room temperature. The oil phase is typically greater than 90% and the resulting emulsion is o/w, meaning that the formula is light and has a ‘quick break’ effect. Due to the nature of the polygonal packing of oil droplets in the structure, stable viscous systems are made without the use of added thickeners.

  • An easy way to make high oil HIPEs at room temperature
  • Creates light formulas with a 'quick break' effect
  • A transparent or translucent gel
  • Low use level
  • Transparent products can be achieved
  • Stable viscous systems are made without the use of added thickeners – due to the nature of the polygonal packing of oil droplets in the structure

Perfect for use in leave-on applications such as moisturisers, masks or massage gels.

HIPEgel® Oleo Accreditations

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How to use

How to make a cream using HIPEgel® Oleo

Questions & answers

Q: How to scale-up formulations with HIPEgel® Oleo ?

A: For HIPEgel® Oleo, you can use exactly the same method as Sucragel® for scale up. Be aware of the much smaller initial phase, however, and make sure it is adequately agitated in the mixer. The oil phase needs to be added slowly, at the same rate as with Sucragel®.

Q: Can surfactants be added to a HIPEgel® Oleo system?

A: As with Sucragel®, we don't recommend using extra surfactants with this system. These are really designed to be gentle, mild, low-surfactant systems and adding extra, possibly harsh surfactants, goes against this philosophy! HIPEgel® Oleo is a very low surfactant system that is not really for hard cleansing.

Q: How much water can we add to HIPEgel Oleo formulations?

A: As a rule, the internal phase must be above 74% to make it a HIPE. In reality it's best if it is greater than 80%. Water (including water based actives) and glycerine can be added at a level so that the total amount of HIPEgel® Oleo + water + glycerine < 25%. This does allow for quite a lot of water, however, and stability may be compromised if the amount of external phase is too high as the structure is lost and the viscosity will drop.

Up to 3% Water can be added to HIPEgel Oleo formulations and at least 5% glycerine is recommended for good stability.

Q: Is it possible to use 10% or more solids with HIPEgel® Oleo?

A: Powders such as starch, ZnO and TIO2 are good for stabilising HIPEgel® formulations. Using HIPEgel® Oleo with clays, plant powders etc. should yield good results. Remember to avoid using anything acidic as with Sucragel®.

Technical Documents

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