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Sucragel® CF

All-purpose oil gelling agent, perfect for cosmetic formulations

Sucragel® AP V2

A simple, versatile and cost effective emulsifier and oil gelling solution for any type of oil.

Sucragel® AOF

Creates thick, rich gels for vegetable oil based cosmetic formulations

Sucragel® AOF BIO

Organically certified oil gelling agent and emulsifier for vegetable oil based formulations.

Sucragel® XL

An easy to use, 100% natural origin oil thickening agent

Sucrabase C

100% natural origin, ready-to-use transparent oily gel base using CCT

Sucrabase SF

100% natural origin, ready-to-use transparent oily gel base derived from sunflower oil

Sucrabase SF BIO

Organically certified, ready-to-use transparent oily gel base derived from sunflower oil

Sucrablend SP V2

100% natural-origin and COSMOS approved temperature stability additive.

Micromulse® LB

100% natural origin blend for transparent oil-to-milk liquid Micellar Oils

Sapogel® Q

100% natural origin and palm-free oil gelling agent for balm textures

HIPEgel® Oleo

An emulsifier that creates high oil HIPEs (High Internal Phase Emulsions)

Sucraclear V2

Water gelling agent that delivers transparent thickening with a luxurious texture

Clearthix® S

A natural viscosity modifier for water based systems


Natural powder blend of emulsifiers, stabilisers and texture modifiers to make Oil-in-Gel Emulsions


100% natural water thickener which makes transparent, rich, smooth gels with suspending properties.

Micromulse® Foam

A 100% natural origin surfactant blend for transforming oil-to-foam textures

Quick help

Do I need to use heat to make an emulsion?

If you are using purely liquid and cold water dispersible ingredients you do not need to heat the mix.

It is not necessary to add Sucrablend® SP V2 to your product unless you are storing the gel.

Can I make thicker emulsions with Sucragel®?

You can use emulsion stabilisers / coemulsifiers such as Cetearyl Alcohol and Glyceryl Stearate which will add body to your formulation. You can also add a higher level of thickener.