Off-white putty on a white background

Chewy Hair Putty

Create a textured effect with this hair putty, which makes styling super easy.

A rich, creamy paste containing clay, this hair styling product can be used to create long lasting hair styles - and can even be used on beards. Simply apply a pea sized amount to hair, scrunch in and style. Apply more as required for a perfectly dishevelled look.

As well as nourishing butters and sweet almond oil, this putty contains Instathix® - which enables emulsions to have a matt, non-sticky afterfeel. So not only does this help create a luxurious and shear texture on application, but the hair isn't left feeling sticky at all. 

With a fresh, minty fragrance it not only provides lift to your hair, but also your mood!

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About this product


Off-white putty




Brookfield DV-E: T-D (94) @ 10 RPM & 20°C (±5 °C) = 90,000- 130,000 cP


  • PEG Free
  • Vegan


Phase Aw/w%
Shea Butter3%
Cocoa Butter1.5%
Glyceryl Stearate2.5%
Cetyl Alcohol2.5%
Sweet Almond Oil4%
Mokaté® Kalahari Melon Seed Oil2%
Hempseed Oil2%
Phase Bw/w%
White Clay20%
White cream on a white background


Natural powder blend of emulsifiers, stabilisers and texture modifiers to make Oil-in-Gel Emulsions

Phase Cw/w%
Phase Dw/w%
Fragrance ‘Mint’0.2%
Hemp Tein Z1%
Keraplant NPNF1%
Euxyl® PE90101%


  1. Heat oil phase until all waxes and butters have melted.

  2. Premix Instathix® and clay into oil phase by hand.

  3. Heat water phase to 70°C, add to oil phase and stir until homogeneous.

  4. Heat to 70°C and maintain temperature for 10 minutes.

  5. Homogenise for 3 minutes at 3500-5500 RPM.

  6. Cool under mixing, add phase D when temperature is below 40°C.

The formulation above is intended for information purposes only based on the best of our knowledge. It is the responsibility of the customer to undertake the appropriate testing to determine the suitability of the product for their intended use.